Retailer Conversion

The purpose of this section is to provide retailers with the information and tools that are needed to convert variable-measure meat U.P.C. numbers and descriptions to the industry standard. The task, information and tools provided in this section come from the actual experience of assisting numerous retailers convert to the industry standard. Due to the complexity of retailers' systems, point of sale (P.O.S.) capabilities, P.O.S. and scale equipment types, and marketing programs, this section provides an overall approach. Common sense should be used to adopt the information provided in this section to each retailer's particular needs. The conversion process is summarized into ten different phases, listed in priority sequence. The tasks within each phase have unique ID numbers assigned. The ID numbers can be used for tracking and communicating the task.

Phase # Phase Title Phase Page Link
1 Tips and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Learn More
2 Pre-Conversion Learn More
3 Discovery Learn More
4 Conversion File Creation and Cleanup Learn More
5 MBDC (Meat Brand Description Code) Assignment Learn More
6 Description Assignment Learn More
7 Assignment Completion Learn More
8 Systems File Creation Learn More
9 Implementation Learn More
10 U.P.C. and Description Maintenance Learn More