The Industry-Wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee (ICMISC) was created by the meat industry in 1972. The original goal of the ICMISC was the development and declaration of a meat cut identification system that every retail meat organization in the U.S. could readily adapt to its own merchandising program and could be implemented by the entire retail trade. The ICMISC approved and distributed the first edition of the Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards (URMIS).

Today the ICMISC is the watch group that maintains the integrity and consistency of the URMIS system. Based on "the consumer's right to know" what he or she is buying and to reduce confusion, the ICMISC approves meat cut names and makes suggestions to assure that the URMIS system reflects the current needs of the marketplace. Additionally, the ICMISC represents the meat industry in identifying and prioritizing significant information and data required for appropriate coding, standardization and tracking of meat products.

The ICMISC is a consortium of retailers, suppliers, government agencies, and industry professionals. The committee (ICMISC) operates as an organized democratic platform that sanctions the development and implementation of the URMIS system.

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