The sponsoring organizations' objective is to provide standardized identification and tracking systems for variable-measure meat products. This will aid retailers in communicating consistency in identifying and labeling products and promote product safety systems. Long term, this objective will improve consumer demand for meat products.

Ongoing Maintenance of Tools

  • Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards (URMIS)
  • U.P.C. Standards
  • Retailer U.P.C. Description List
  • Retailer Conversion Center
  • Comprehensive Industry Dictionary
  • IMPS/Common Name Cross-Reference
  • Foodservice/Common Name Cross-Reference
  • Culinary/Common Name Cross-Reference

Training Tools

  • Package Standards
  • Package Sizes
  • Barcodes
  • Brands
  • U.S. Traceability Guide

Vision for the Future

  • Industry Roadmap
  • Understanding Global Standards
  • New Technologies & Standards