Unapproved Meat Names

Consumer research conducted in 2012 revealed the majority of consumers are unfamiliar and confused about the various retail cuts in the meat case. The research found that the removal of unfamiliar, unappealing and redundant terms would help reduce confusion. It was found that short names with familiar terminology would be less confusing and were found to be appealing and helpful to consumers. The development of a consumer-friendly Common Name platform was created after the completion of the consumer research.

The purpose of URMIS is to provide an identification system that will reduce consumer confusion due to the lack of uniformity in names of retail cuts. URMIS was established on the "Consumer's Right to Know" and "Truth-in-Labeling."

Unapproved names are not accepted for labeling because they fail to indicate the URMIS approved Common Name. Unapproved names were developed more for sales promotion or coined as an expression rather than for cut identification. Unapproved names can be deceptive and misleading to a consumer and add to the perplexing and frustrating experience of shoppers.

This section provides an application that has an extensive list of unapproved names. The list is cross-referenced to the correct approved URMIS Common Name. The goal for this section is to provide a clear contrast between the approved and unapproved names so the meat industry will use the correct approved URMIS Common Name.

The application has keyword, alphabetical and advanced search options. There are numerous ways to filter and sort the data. Definitions for the approved Common Names and descriptions for the unapproved names can be accessed as well.

The keyword search feature can be used to look up a specific term. The alphabetical search option has a filter so the data can be displayed by approved or unapproved names. The advanced search feature has a hierarchy filter by class, primal (category) and subprimal (subcategory).

Unapproved names fall into seven different groups that can be accessed from the advanced search option. The groups are:

  • Ambiguous – Incomplete identification.
  • Coined – Names that were created without standard identification.
  • Fanciful – Names that indicate that the cut is better quality or greater value than it is.
  • Jargon – Industry verbiage and visual appearance names.
  • Recipe – Cooking or preparation names.
  • Region – Geographical area names.
  • Structure – Incorrect common name format.

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